Để giúp cá bạn trong việc nâng cao khả năng viết tiếng anh, mình luôn luôn chia sẻ với các bạn những mẫu bài luận đơn giản, hay, vừa có thể sử dụng thành một bài nói ngắn trong các kỳ phỏng vấn, vừa có thể sử dụng làm bài viết luận trong các bài thi. Dưới đây là một ví dụ điển hình về bài luận về cách miêu tả ngôi nhà bằng tiếng Anh giúp các bạn tự tin hơn khi nói và viết để chia sẻ về thông tin cá nhân. Mời các bạn theo dõi.

1.Bài luận về cách miêu tả ngôi nhà bằng tiếng Anh thứ 1

Everyone dreams are beautiful, no matter how small or large, whether in money or money bags. Architecture and House Beautiful has contributed in no small merit to house more beautiful Vietnam added. For me, long time track House Beautiful Publications, learn, watch, taste changes constantly … now I know I prefer the modern style, straight road in definition, the door wide high , colored lights. All in all overall non-standard and very simple, comfortable, but strange, beautiful and durable. Selected interior decoration design style of modern Asia, little furniture, just to meet daily needs, but each item must be charming and unique. I was very interested in the position of the stairs, it serves as a flexible life should be safe, bright, wide enough to walk, carry easy, rested legs, stairs should not flaunt picky. There are two seats previously less concerned Vietnam, now has other kitchen and bathroom. I love the spacious kitchen, decorating fun enough for family gatherings over meals daily. Kitchen is a cozy place in your home.

Bài luận về cách miêu tả ngôi nhà bằng tiếng Anh

Where close family, expressing emotions with a favorite food, and children have the opportunity to learn to eat, learn to speak, learning packages, learn to open … Also the bathroom is now not only to bathe that part much more. Shower as the old style: fast, compact, less expensive; bath tub is relaxing, takes time (and more money) but the shower feeling well. Each bathroom each different creative, bath seats in the house now in Vietnam did not lose any of the beautiful 5 star hotel. Home is much more room as bedrooms, living room, reserve, miscellaneous office storage … The skill of the architect is to arrange appropriate space for all. Tables do not know how much detail is enough, each person has their own tastes, everyone is right, depending on personality. However, it is important to have enough money problems, things are more talented architect, reputable contractors for coordination of the three parties agreed to a new building is nice. That’s labor force works, the mind of many workers. So, do not save that for sloppy construction and poor quality, the consequences will be repaired later.

2. Bài luận về cách miêu tả ngôi nhà bằng tiếng Anh thứ 2

House when we plave stay and it gives us a protection from rain, heat , storm etc. Some body in the own  yours choice on what type of house they feel comfortable to live, so do I. I usually to live in calm and go to picnic around the house, so house built on small land won’t be my choice. I want a smaller is the next space in come by compound where I can stroll especially when I feel bored on my job. I want the trees in front of my house which will give me natural environment. Just a moment in this time to mention here, I want the house which is far from main city and industrial area since I don’t like the noisy environment.

Oh, yeah, what about the size of the house? I prefer the medium size house having 2 or 3 floors. I don’t a house building so small because I have small family and I don’t like to rent my home. I love to stay first and ground floor during the summer season because the top floor is excessively heated during the very season whereas I like to stay in second or third floor during the winter as ground floor will be excessively cold during that period.

Bài luận về cách miêu tả ngôi nhà bằng tiếng Anh hay

I have so many time to enjoy physical needs in my above paragraph but I would like to conculde my writing saying cool and amicable family environment is must to make our home like a heaven. Otherwise, it will be a hell and we would like to spend most of our time outside the home rather than with family.

That is my dream is very simple house surrounded by a big garden full of flowers and trees. I don’t like you live in an apartment with blocks of flats and rude neighbors making noise in the middle of the night. My house dream is a outside the city, on the outskirts of town where I can find true peace and happiness.


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